Bentley DUC Projects

Amanda Davis, Diego Mendes and I presenting our research methodology at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Student Conference

Research Projects
User Experience of Interactive Educational Systems : An iPad Study

A student project done by Amanda, Diego and I in collaboration with the Bentley Design and Usability Center, Affectiva, Pearson and SMI Technologies. The project aimed at measuring the engagement levels of users while using a digital textbook vs paper textbook.

Link to the presentation of our methodology : iPad Engagement Study Presentation

Client Projects

My work at the Design and Usability Center included projects in industries such as financial services, healthcare products, FMCGs and US government agencies. The description of the project and my contribution are given below:

FMCG Website

This project involved testing a high-fidelity prototype of a consumer goods website. The company was launching a new variation of their product and the purpose of the study was to verify if the users were able to clearly understand the differentiation between the new and old products. The tasks included A/B Testing of two versions of the design as well as going through the the process of purchasing the product. The tasks were designed so that we could gauge if the users were purchasing the product after understanding the differentiation in the new product. Our deliverables included a client report with findings and recommendations as well as a participant feedback compilation video to back the findings in the report.

Financial Services Website

This project was aimed at testing the user experience of purchasing value plans for a savings or checking account. The goal of the study was to verify if the users were able to intuitively understand what the plans entailed, which account it was attached to and who would benefit from the plan. The company also wanted to determine the ideal way to notify the customers of a change to the existing value plan structure. This test used a low-fidelity prototype and also employed a between-subjects method for two versions of the design. I was involved in scenario and task conceptulatisation, preparing usability testing documents, conducting the usability test sessions and compiling the findings and recommendations.

Healthcare Product

The usability test was conducted for evaluating the design of a product that measured blood sugar levels in the body. The participants used a prototype to simulate the usage of the device and to interpret the result. The same participants were asked to return after two weeks to repeat the process and the study measured the participant recollection levels.

US Government Agency

This study was for a kiosk system that had multiple versions. Each version had an exhaustive set of use cases and the pass-fail criteria was specified for each product. All use cases had to be tested and results tabulated. I was involved in testing the use cases that required engineering equipment that were used to measure values like light intensity, decibel levels, pressure etc.